The expert members of Baft-e-Shahr Consulting Engineers began their professional activities since 1981 and have continued to develop systemically with the goal of providing comprehensive support in all areas of consulting services. Highest planning quality and consulting competence are the hallmark of Baft-e-Shahr group based on new regulations of management and planning organization of Iran.


Baft-e-Shahr group is looking through the process of a project as a professional task, in order to obtain a conclusion based upon its professional career to promote urban environmental values in the format of a sustainable plan.


To propose a sustainable development plan Baft-e-Shahr is considering below goals as well: 1. Reaching to employer's aims for a project. 2. Considering the values of architectural and urban planning knowledge. 3. Being creative to finalize planning and research projects. 4. Respecting the cultural heritage values 5. Promotion the services in all fields of Architecture, urban planning, Environment and Green Space by having the highest quality of technical and scientific knowledge. 6. Promotion of Bafteshahr Consulting Company to a scientific center for all experts and young generation.


to reach to the Goals Baft-e-Shahr Consulting Company is considering below strategies: 1. Utilization of each project as a pattern for local experts 2. Replacement of all the experiences in the format of theory 3. Collaboration with university Professors as supreme advisors of each sections 4. Mutual scientific collaboration with universities 5. Mutual technical collaboration with other related Iranian and foreign Consultants 6. Respecting the personal abilities of all the experts to obtain an aggregative conclusion for all the projects